About Casa Gi

Casa Gi is a Belgian family owned business, founded in 2003, that designs and makes hand crafted luxury jewellery. It is not surprising that the Casa Gi workshop is located in Antwerp, the world's diamond centre.

Unique designs, superb gold finish and the high quality of diamonds meticulously set in each jewel are all testimonies of Casa Gi's passion for its métier.

Diamonds have an even bigger attraction to people than gold. The combination of these two exquisite materials, handled and joined by the expertise of Casa Gi, is hard to resist.

Casa Gi is closely connected to Gemmata NV, a renowned diamond company in Antwerp since 1982, and a Select Diamantaire of Rio Tinto Diamonds since 1994.

Casa Gi and Gemmata are conscious of the strict requirements for diamond trading and therefore only work with non conflict diamonds and suppliers who obtain their diamonds through ethical methods. Therefor Casa Gi joined the Responsible Jewellery Council in 2011 as a fully certified member.